Our philosophy is to create an enduring mark of our clients' unique qualities through design


OK, you have a business or an idea that needs marketing, well to day your best option is to consider a website, perhaps with social media links.


Of course logos, but also a complete cross platform, cross media presence with all the bells and whistles. Just go for it.


Every now and then a business has a great idea that needs specific marketing. You know the product or service, we know the best way to show off. Consider a brochure.


Exhibiting can really get to a specific market. Well, designed stands that get your message across can increase sales overnight if handled correctly.


There are many ways in which products can be sent to market. The packaging will either make or break a product's saleability. So let's get it right.


We pride ourselves on providing well focused educational toys that allow a better understanding of some difficult subjects: and definitely not boring!


Concept Design has been in business since 1980. It was started by a good friend and colleague, Cliff Pummell. The business, as you can imagine, has seen many changes over the years when it comes to promoting a business, product or service. We pride ourselves on getting it right and sometimes that can be extremely challenging.

We approach each project as if it is the best thing since sliced bread. Our clients appreciate that and new clients can feel extremely motivated by the possibilities. Why not give us a call to discuss your particular need - it costs nothing and we're always here to listen.

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